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Pengalaman baru di Cisco Indonesia Summit 2010

Pada hari kamis tanggal 23 November 2010 lalu,  saya berkesempatan mengikuti acara Cisco Indonesia Summit 2010 berlokasi di hotel Shangri-la Jakarta.

Alhamdullilah banyak ilmu dan pengalaman baru diacara tersebut,  acara ini dibagi menjadi beberapa track, yaitu :

[1]. Virtualization Track: Journey to Green Datacenter
[2]. Collaboration Track: Transforming Participation
[3]. Borderless Network Track: Power of Participation
[4]. SMB Track: Transforming Your Business
[5]. Smart Connected Community Track: Changing a City, a Country, The World

Pada acara tersebut saya mengikuti track pada point 1, garis besar track tersebut adalah :

Find out in the Virtiualization Track — Cisco Summit 2010

If you type cloud computing on search engine, you will find no difficulties on knowing the definition of it. The term cloud computing itself probably comes from the use of a cloud image to represent the Internet or some large networked environment. But do you find it relevance to your need as business owner or do you find it useful for boosting your business performance and efficiency but also not burdening your IT department?

The answer is yes…

Even though transformation to the cloud computing architecture isn’t come in the blink of an eye and might not offers you the best business solutions, the cloud computing environment can promises you to profoundly transforms the way in which information and services are consumed and provided. It can help you:

  • Lower costs by using energy and resources more efficiently
  • Enhance agility, growth, and profitability
  • Simplify operations and management
  • Ensure resilient and trusted collaboration

It is not enough to talk only about cloud computing without bringing the virtualization topic. Both of them are needed to create your borderless enterprise. Virtualization itself is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources. Shortly, virtualization allows you to work anywhere and anytime, breaking the boundaries and build the world without border.

[a]. Cisco Virtualization Business Overview:
Practical Strategies for Implementing Cloud Computing
Speaker: Damian Ryan, Datacenter, Sales Regional Manager, Cisco Systems, ASIA
[b]. Realizing Unified Physical Infrastructure For A Green Data Center
Speaker: Eric Chng, Technical Sales Manager, Panduit Singapore
[c]. Managing the Critical Information Gap in the Data Center
Speaker: Ng Kim Soon, Business Development Manager Malaysia & Indonesia, Emerson Network Power | Avocent
[d].Cisco Virtualization Power Session 1:
Nexus Evolution: Build Your Core to Cloud
Speaker: Prastowo Yuliarso, Systems Engineer, PT. Cisco Systems Indonesia
[e].cisco Virtualization Power Session 2:
Cisco Unified Computing Systems: Your Next Generation Datacenter
Speaker: Prasad Radhakrishnan, Technology Solution Architect, Asia Pacific, Cisco Sysmtes, Inc

[***] utuk prensentasi-presentasi dari acara tersebut bisa di download disini

berikut merupakan foto-foto pada saat demo produk di acara tersebut :

ref :

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    sangat menarik, very good articel

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