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Zero Client by Fujitsu

14 March 2011

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya mendapatkan materi training dikantor mengenai Zero Client, apa sih zero client itu ? saya kutip penggalan dari Starting Up FUJITSU Zero  Client Operating Manual :

“While server and storage virtualization has helped in the past few years to create considerably leaner IT environments in companies, the underlying philosophy of accomplishing more work with less hardware has hardly had an effect at all in one particular area: in the office environment. Here, most companies are still working with fully-equipped, heavy-weight clients, i.e. desktop systems with their own processors, memories, operating systems and applications. Consequently, these devices are not only expensive but also tend to be difficult to manage and maintain. It is also  difficult to protect these devices from potential attacks and they generate a hefty carbon footprint because the cooling system is not very efficient and due to the relatively high level of power consumed while the system is not in operation. All these factors increase costs and put pressure on budgets – this is a disadvantage which places not only the IT function but the entire company in a  critical situation. The Zero Client approach combats this problem. This is a front-end device which runs exclusively in a desktop virtualization environment in the computing centre and minimises the number of components used which are to be managed and maintained. This results in greatly reduced
operating costs for the company. Inexpensive hardware and a streamlined rollout process help to keep the initial costs as low as possible and also make the processes for installing and exchanging user devices very efficient. Extremely low power consumption, outstanding reliability, a long lifecycle and centralised administration ensure that the Zero Client delivers cost savings throughout its entire lifecycle.”

Untuk Keterangan Lebih Lanjut silahkan mengacu ke link berikut

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